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Customised Vehicles -     Vinyl Wrap Policy Below                         All quotations are valid for 14 days.

Payment terms:

50% deposit at time of order confirmation, prior to install, with the remaining balance to be paid upon collection or installation on the vehicle.

Payment is due when invoices are received by the client, unless payment terms have been extended. If payments for orders are not received at time of invoice or within the agreed timescale at time of writing of invoice, we reserve the right to cancel and refrain from future orders.

We cannot accept responsibility for consequential damages or loss of any kind resulting from the sale, installation, or delivery of our wrap products.

Once the vinyl application is complete and client takes possession of the vehicle, the client must pay the balance due for the vehicle wrap before departing from the Customised Vehicles workshop grounds. The client will be responsible for the payment of all work and designs performed by Customised Vehicles.

Any invoices not paid within 7 days of completion are subject to a 2% fee per day.

Clients must identify any disputes or complaints to Customised Vehicles in writing within 7 working days from the date of invoice or within 5 working days from wrap completion.

If disputes are not identified in writing, the Client has accepted the work and approved the completed vinyl wrap.

Clients must return to Customised Vehicles with any and all work in dispute, accompanied by written explanation. After investigation, errors on our behalf will either be corrected or credited to the Client.

Vehicles must be delivered to our location clean and free from dirt, grease and oil, and free from existing graphics (vinyl removal fee of £45/panel will be charged otherwise). Vehicle paintwork must also be in a clean state of application that we have set out in our guidelines for vinyl application. The successful application of vinyl wrapping film is only possible on original factory paintwork. Any damaged, flaking or weak accident repair paintwork will not allow the film to bond correctly and said areas will not be covered under warranty inc that particular panel.

For these reasons we cannot offer any warranty on wraps that are applied over defective paintwork and any future wrap repair / replacement work will be chargeable at panel rate (from £120).

If you allow us to wrap over your non-original factory paintwork then we will not be liable for subsequent damage that may occur to the underlying paint on removal of your wrap.

A cleaning service charge of £25.00 may be applied if the vehicles are not in a satisfactory clean condition. Any part of the vehicle with graphics still in place and need of removal will be charged at a minimum of £45.00 per panel.

At Customised Vehicles we have a trained team of professionals who have a combined 10years of vehicle bodywork experience, thus we are skilled to be able to remove exterior trims and interior trims. However, we are not manufacturer approved body shop technicians, and since these parts are not made to be customized or removed once the vehicle has left the factory, we cannot be held responsible for any damages. We are not responsible for any damages or breakage to trim holdings, clips, screws or any other fixtures, including those for door handles, side mirrors, spoilers, roof aerials, car badges, interior mirrors, vents, center console and any other removable parts.


Delivery and Pickup:

While we would like you to arrange your own driver (using your preferred method), we would be willing to either select our own delivery person or provide a dedicated Free delivery for clients within Glasgow City. Additional expense of £5.00/mile will be charged for areas outside of central Glasgow,



If the client has a concern with the job, Client must contact Customised Vehciles in writing before proceeding with any charge backs or credit returns. Customised Vehicles will be given 30 days opportunity to correct and resolve any disputes prior to any legal action or credit returns.

All Vehicle wraps and Advertising are custom made projects that are not refundable. Deposits can be retracted only within 2 days of receipt otherwise booking is secured and money is non refundable.

Since all jobs are custom products, Customised Vehicles must be given the opportunity to reinstall any job, before the client issues any charge backs or returns.

In the event that the customer fails to make payment in full on the job invoice, the customer irrevocably authorizes Customised Vehicles to remove the vinyl supplied, subject to a minimum of £45.00 removal fee per panel for graphics, and colour change vinyl wrap at £75.00 per panel.

Once the job is booked, delivered and or installed, all contracts are final and no monetary refunds can be issued.


Vinyl Wrap Aftercare:

Great care must be taken to ensure the vinyl wrap material remains flawless. Do not attempt to use any conventional polishes that contain acids or solvents in them. Do not allow any wax/silicone-based products near the edges of the vinyl wrap.

Customised Vehicles offers a post-wrap treatment wash which in effect is similar to a vehicle detail but to the vinyl wrap. Please enquire at our office for bookings.

Once vinyl wrap is completely applied to the vehicle Do Not wash for at least 5 days.  Then hand wash only, Do Not use machine car washes. No jet washing at all especially at the edges – this will void your warranty and decrease the lifespan of your wrap. We can determine any vinyl faults and exact cause of failure. Client must ensure these precautions are met.

Wrap film is susceptible to scratch and marks the same as paint – this is normal wear and tear and we offer no guarantee for this.  However, any damage due to wear and tear will be chargeable at the panel rate.



We offer a 3 years guarantee on all of our wraps and 1-year guarantee on workmanship.

The guarantee only covers any wrap failure such as vinyl at edges lifting, vinyl peeling back or a manufacturer defect in the vinyl material itself. The guarantee does not cover Stone Chips, Accident Damage, Stained wraps from weathering unwashed, tree sap, bird splats or untreated dirt/grime, and damage from high-pressure washes. All replacement Panels will be charged at panel price. Customised Vehicles will be given the 30 days opportunity to correct and resolve any disputes prior to any legal action or credit returns.

If for any reason you have any questions with our Terms & Conditions:

please email us at info@oemtechnik.co.uk or send us in writing to:

Customised Vehicles, 269 Alexandra Parade, Glasgow G31 3AD. And we will do our best to reply back to you at the earliest.